Aril is a strategy game with intense fast-paced matches set in an ambient universe.

The goal of Aril is to beat your enemies by capturing enough territory. This is done by controlling a powerful, invincible unit called the Sentinel. When moving, the Sentinel will take over territory. By capturing key points in a level you can gain smaller units called Drones to defend or attack with.

With Aril we want to focus solely on the RTS combat phase. As a result Aril matches never take longer than 5 minutes, where every minute is packed with quick decision making and high-level tactical thinking. Take over the lands as one of the seven factions and outwit your opponents.


Intense multiplayer fast-paced matches

Aril is played over internet or LAN in short intense matches of about 5 minutes each.

A single-player practice mode and extensive campaign.

The campaign also serves as a way to teach players how to play the game.

Deep tactical yet innovative gameplay

Aril's gamplay focuses on tactical thinking and quick wit.

A stylish and experimental abstract art style

Aril's art style is very unique. We focus on geometrical shapes and clear silhouettes making it both easy to read and pleasing to look at.

An excellent mix of energetic beats and soothing sounds

Aril's audio serves as a great ambience to the art style, complementing it nicely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will Aril be released?

We're not sure yet. We value quality more than releasing as soon as possible. We are currently aiming for summer 2014-ish.

How much will Aril cost?

This hasn't been decided yet. However, you can expect it to be in the 10 USD range.

Will Aril have DRM?

No, Aril will not.

On what platforms will Aril be released

Aril will be released on Windows, Mac and Linux. Very likely on the same time, too.

I have a question not listed here. Where can I ask this?

You can contact us through Facebook, Twitter or you can send us a mail.